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The Children's Inn is a unique school and day care center. We offer a reliable, consistent, and rewarding day care experience. In our private K-6 school, we strive to educate each student individually rather than as a group. Our goal is to help children form high self-esteem by feeling successful as learners and as members of a community, (we like to call it our family.)

Our Vision

Think back for a moment on your childhood. Do you have a special time or place? How did it feel? What was the setting? Was it camping with Mom and Dad? Playing out back with a brother or sister? Or was it spending time with an important adult (Aunt, Uncle, or neighbor) getting to do "grown up" things like baking? These are feelings we want to create and provide for your child. We will learn who your child is and plan activities accordingly. Preschool and school is a given. It's the additional activities we are now talking about.

This is our vision: to love, nurture, guide, and teach each child as they develop into contributing members of a community. We want to nurture the spirit of your child. This is not a religious statement but a very personal statement. Who is your child? Honestly this questions usually gets set aside in daycares and schools. We can care for the child, teach colors and ABC's, even teach manners, but when you're talking about large groups of children you lose the ability to truly nurture each child. We are going back to why we are doing what we are doing.

As a parent, you need to be part of our family. Communication is essential and needs to be done daily. It needs to come verbally, straight from the heart. Not because it is our job, but because we genuinely care. You will have your child's teacher's phone number at home, in case a question arises after you've left the center. Visits and phone calls are always welcome during the day.

The Children's Inn - A positive beginning to a life long journey
For more information please contact us at:
1939 Karen Frazier Rd SE
- Olympia, WA
(360) 709-9769